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Welcome to The Academy at St. Joan of Arc. 

At The Academy, we believe in the importance of fostering each child's love of learning. Our robust educational program promotes our students' intellectual, social, and physical development in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Students are engaged in unique problem-based lessons that enhance critical thinking skills and develop a passion for being active participants in their learning.

At The Academy, all children are challenged to grow intellectually and spiritually through academic rigor, extracurricular activities, and community service. A joyful spirit fills The Academy, where we ensure that each child is known and loved. We tailor instruction to meet the individual child's needs and focus on challenging each student to reach their full potential while preparing them to succeed in a rigorous secondary education program. We are committed to cultivating a love and appreciation for learning and encouraging excellence in all we do.

The core of The Academy’s success is our exceptional faculty, who use a variety of educational approaches and best practices that engage and inspire young minds. The faculty is committed to ongoing professional development, which is enhanced through our partnership with Responsive Classroom

I invite you to experience the educational opportunity at The Academy of St. Joan of Arc. I encourage you to spend time on our website and invite you to visit our school.


Kristina Reyes