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At the Academy, we celebrate many traditions each year – traditions that bring together our community, engage and energize our students and showcase the meaning and joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves. While this list is not exhaustive, some of our traditions include:

  • Halloween Parade (Oct)
  • Gravy Bowl (Nov)
  • Christmas Luncheon & Concert (Dec)
  • Catholic School Week Service Day (Jan)
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance (Feb)
  • Penny Carnival (Feb)
  • Gala (March)
  • Service Day (April)
  • Grandest Special Person's Day (May)
  • Candle Passing Ceremony (May)
  • Marian Prayer Service (May)
  • Mother/Son Bonfire (June)
  • Carnival (June)

We invite and encourage families to attend, participate in, and volunteer at these wonderful events.

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