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"All kids need is a little help, a little hope,     
and somebody who believes in them."     

Magic Johnson

The ASJA Athletic Committee was formed in the fall of 2022 to support the school's athletic program and the ASJA Athletic Director.  Our goal is for all individuals associated with ASJA Athletics to compete at the highest level possible while learning character lessons developed through athletic competition and teamwork.  We expect all participants to respect themselves and others, demonstrate loyalty, be good teammates, put the team before themselves, handle failure like they handle success, display school pride, have a strong work ethic, show up consistently, and be prepared.  Our overall mission is to impart to all of our student-athletes a lifelong love for healthy, vigorous physical activity and an appreciation for fair and spirited competition among participants who share a culture of respect.

The ASJA AC meets biweekly or as needed throughout the school year.  In our first year, we have prepared and continue to maintain an Athletics Handbook, assisted in the search for coaches, overseen disputes and other such issues that can arise from time to time in youth sports, promoted community building by encouraging the return to ASJA by our alumni as coaches, volunteers, and fans, and led fundraising efforts to procure new sports equipment and uniforms.  In the years to come, the ASJA AC intends to continue those action items and to expand our role by, for example, helping create a more proactive schedule of athletics events, from gym usage to post-season banquets.  

The 2022-2023 ASJA AC is comprised of:
President Ben Dooley, parent of SJA alumni Maeve and Eileen; 
Anje Cluxton (SJA Class of 1989), parent of ASJA students Betty, Heidi, and Jenny; 
Matt Haughey, parent of ASJA alumni Kate and ASJA students Joe and Ellie; 
Lisa Holubar, parent of ASJA alumni Lucas and Zack and ASJA student Bailey; and
Terry Ryan, parent of ASJA alumni Francie and ASJA student Declan.

ASJA student-athletes learn the value of teamwork, perseverance, and practice by competing in various sports.  
Our youngest students are introduced to sports through the Saturday Morning Basketball program, coordinated by a dedicated group of parents.  
Students from 4th to 8th grade play interscholastic sports. 

Student-Athlete Handbook


In the Fall, our 5th to 8th-grade students play football, 
 7th & 8th-grade cheer as part of the Evanston Catholic combined team. 


Cross Country - FALL SPORT

Long-distance running as a team sport  
4th - 8th Grade Athletes typically race across open terrain, 
mainly through woods, fields, and hills. 
Course distances and terrains differ for each race. 
 With Cross Country (abbreviated XC), everyone competes! 


Everyone runs the same course, at the meet, ALL athletes get to participate. 
The first seven runners to finish are considered the scoring team for scoring.
There are no cuts, and no bench to sit on and watch while others play!


5th- 8th Grade Girls  and Boys compete in an interscholastic league 
of elementary schools from across the near north Chicago area




5th - 8th Grade Interscholastic Basketball

Kindergarten - 4th Grade
Saturday Morning COED Basketball