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Medical Forms

Completed forms can be emailed to:

IL State Health Form - Due September 1st, 2022
Required of all students entering Kindergarten or 6th Grade      

IL State Vision - Due Oct 15, 2022 (proof of exam)
Required for ANY NEW STUDENT

Required for all students entering Kindergarten   

IL State Dental - Due May 15, 2023 (proof of exam)
Required for ANY Student entering Kindergarten, 2nd, or 6th Grade 



Required of any student who will be participating in sports
Pre-Participation Form 

Heads Up Concussion


Immunizations Are Required of all students:
All children enrolling for the first time or entering pre-school are required to have proof of immunizations. The Academy at St. Joan of Arc ONLY accepts specified regulatory exemptions, which exemption(s) must be signed off by an Illinois licensed physician. Students who are not immunized or properly exempted by a licensed physician will be excluded from The Academy. The Academy reserves the right to require immunizations during unusual health circumstances, such as pandemics.

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