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The Academy at St. Joan of Arc provides a premier Pre-School through 8th grade experience built around the way we learn and live. Our small school environment offers a high quality, values-based education in a safe space at an accessible tuition rate.

The Academy community is steeped in the beautiful traditions of the Catholic faith with all the advantages of a 21st Century educational experience. Our outstanding teachers emphasize critical thinking and problem solving and focus on fostering curiosity and a love for learning.    


Our fundamental task is the education of the whole person—balancing academic rigor, Catholic values, beneficial extracurricular activities, and a commitment to inclusion and community service—enabling every student to explore, create, and define their best self. 

Root Beliefs

At The Academy, we are motivated by root beliefs that are at the core of our work as educators every day. Our faculty articulate and live the following shared core beliefs:

  • Relationships are the Foundation of The Academy      
    We believe that relationships are the foundation of everything we do. Our relationship with God and with one another brings joy to every aspect of our learning community.       
  • Excellence is Intentional      
    We strive for excellence in all that we do. As educators, we are intentional in planning our lessons, have high expectations for ourselves and our students, ensuring the best possible education that combines rigor and focus.      
  • All Children are Capable of Learning      
    We believe that each child is capable of learning and that we must tailor instruction to meet the needs of each unique child. Our belief is that adult actions determine student outcomes.      
  • Every Minute Matters      
    Every moment with a student is a  precious gift.  We believe it is our duty to use that time wisely and efficiently.      
  • We are Made in the Image and Likeness of God      
    We believe that we are all made by God and in his image.  Therefore, we treat each individual with dignity and respect with the belief that each child comes to us wholly good from God.      

Our students graduate understanding the values of honesty, compassion, respect, and responsibility. They leave here with the confidence and skills to become leaders and a commitment to being women and men of service.    

We believe that we’re advancing what’s possible in Catholic education by combining: inspired, leadership; top-notch educational resources; and the wonderful traditions of our vibrant community.

The Academy enthusiastically welcomes students of all faiths, and we invite you to learn more about us here and contact us to arrange a visit.

"There is a commitment at The Academy to building a community that is joyful, intentional and inclusive of all students from all faiths. Here you will find an academic program that is rigorous, with exceptional leadership and faculty that embrace the belief that all children are capable of learning." user