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At The Academy at St. Joan of Arc, we educate the whole child, equipping each student with the intellectual, socio-emotional, and spiritual foundation to thrive. As an independently governed and financed school, we bring together dedication, expertise, and agility to ensure an outstanding experience for our students, families, faculty, and staff.

Students from The Academy at St. Joan of Arc graduate with:

  • the foundation to thrive in high school and beyond;
  • a deep sense of curiosity and love of learning;
  • a robust set of problem-solving and critical thinking skills along with the pride and resilience that comes from tackling and overcoming obstacles;
  • the ability to express themselves orally and in writing; a strong sense of community and the ability to build lasting personal relationships;
  • a commitment to working collaboratively and engaging diverse points of view;
  • and a rich spiritual foundation rooted in Catholicism and the commitment to serve others.

We achieve this by:

  • offering a rigorous and cutting-edge STREAM curriculum that thoughtfully combines faith, reason and creativity;
  • employing an outstanding faculty and featuring small class sizes where teachers focus on and meet the individualized needs of students;
  • investing in socio-emotional development and fostering strong relationship building within classes, as across grade levels and within our community;
  • and articulating the root beliefs and values that we live by and model every day.


“The Academy at St. Joan of Arc combines excellence in Catholic education with a strong and vibrant community. Students enjoy 1 on 1 teacher interaction and are given an opportunity to thrive no matter what level they are at. We couldn't be happier to be pioneers with this very important, forward-thinking, independent Catholic School model.”

 Current Parent of JK, 4th & 6th