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Students in Middle School are encouraged to take risks and investigate alternative approaches. As students develop the capacity to think abstractly, teachers focus on persevering in problem-solving, while strengthening computation in mathematics. Building on prior knowledge, students tackle new concepts. Their growing confidence allows them to actively engage in challenges, accept responsibility for their actions and believe that they will be successful in future endeavors.

The curriculum engages and challenges students’ minds while preparing them intellectually and socially for secondary school and beyond.

Students gain fundamental skills for successful learning: research, critical analysis, organization, listening, speaking, and writing across integrated curriculum areas.

English classes focus on short stories, poetry, ancient and modern classics, novels and essays; writing assignments focus on descriptive, narrative, and expository prose, poetry, and analytical essays.

The History curriculum stresses analysis and understanding both American and World history.

An inquiry-based science curriculum encompasses physics, physical science, and biology.

The Math program concentrates on pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.

Daily Spanish lessons introduce core vocabulary and skills while promoting each child’s development as a language learner.

Through annual 7th & 8th grade field trips, lessons in the classroom are brought to life in Springfield, IL and Washington DC.